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When Students Write
You can read books or attend workshops about how to teach writing, but there's no substitute for seeing master teachers put ideas into practice with real kids.

When Students Write takes us into the classrooms at Bailey's Elementary School in the outskirts of Washington, DC, where teachers wrestle with the questions of what it means to become an effective writer and what is a teacher's role in developing students' competence as writers. The four videotapes cover all the practical components necessary for establishing and implementing a successful writing workshop, including the importance of choice, creating a risk-taking environment, the difference between skills and craft, the writer's notebook, the writing conference, revision, the role of literature, and much more. When used in conjunction with the authors' books, Craft Lessons and Nonfiction Craft Lessons, these videotapes provide a practical resource on how best to teach writing.
Tape 1: Building a Writing Community
Tape 2: Teaching Writing Skills in Context
Tape 3: Literature That Supports Writing
Tape 4: Craft Lessons to Stretch Young Writers
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