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Algebra II Station Activities for Common Core State Standards
These revised editions of the Mathematics Station Activities for Common Core State Standards include updated and improved sets of station-based activities to provide students with opportunities to practice and apply the mathematical skills and concepts they are learning. Each of our Station Activity books has been revised to tighten alignment and better reflect current interpretations of CCSS content and practices, based on implementation experience.
Contains multiple sets of activities for each of the five strands: Number System; Expressions and Equations; Functions; Geometry; and Statistics and Probability. The activities consist of four different stations where students work in small groups, moving from station to station once their activities are complete.

According to Jill Rosenblum, Walch Education s Vice President of Education, Station-based activities give students multiple opportunities to develop their understanding. At the same time, they give teachers the chance to circulate, do informal assessments, and provide individual or small-group instruction as needed. These activities were developed and piloted as part of a summer school program that boosted student performance by an average of 37%, with some classrooms average improvement as high as 89%.

- Multiple sets of activities, each with 4 separate stations
- 15 minutes per station followed by a debrief discussion
- Correlated to Common Core State Standards for Mathematics, complementing any math program
- Uses readily available materials and manipulatives (not included)
Includes teacher support with discussion guides (prompts to encourage reflection and synthesis of ideas, suggested appropriate responses, and a listing of common errors and misconceptions identified in current research), answer keys, and materials lists.
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