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Autism and the Decision to Drive with Jerry Newport
Debbaudt Legacy Productions, LLC newest video, Autism and the Decision To Drive with Jerry Newport. 23-minute video featuring script developed by Dennis Debbaudt and Jerry Newport. Jerry Newport received his diagnosis of Asperger syndrome in 1995. He's since become devoted to helping people understand what life is like for adults with autism.

A renowned author and tireless autism advocate, Jerry wrote the groundbreaking book Your Life Is Not a Label in 2001. Shortly after, Jerry founded the autism support group AGUA in Los Angeles. Jerry and his wife Mary were featured in 60 Minutes reports in 1996 and 2004. Jerry, in tandem with Mary, authored the best selling autobiography Mozart and the Whale: An Aspergers Love Story.

Jerry has driven professionally for over 45 years. Join Jerry as he offers advice on Autism and the Decision to Drive!

Autism and the Decision to Drive describes and illustrates a wide variety of factors to consider when making the decision to drive, including sections on:

Focus & Good Driving Habits
Ability to Stay Alert
Where Do You Live?
Choosing the Right Instructor
Independence Skills
Following the Rules
Having Autism Can Help!
Can Autism Get in the Way?
Patience is a Virtue!
Eliminate Distractions
Social Considerations on the Road
Planning A Trip
Driving as a Career
Keep Auto Documents Current and Easy-To-Find
Keep Your Car Clean
In Case of Emergency
Autism Info Cards
Medical Considerations
People Are Watching!
Safe Interactions with Police
Managing the Sensory Environment
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