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Guided Reading [DVD] : Essential Elements, the Skillful Teacher

See "Guided Reading" in action. Join Irene Fountas and Gay Su Pinnell as they highlight effective guided reading lessons and conduct lessons with children. Essential Elements, the first part of the DVD, lets you watch guided reading lessons as they unfold. You'll observe how teachers introduce a text, support children as they read orally and silently, discuss text meaning, use "teaching points" to reinforce effective reading strategies, revisit the text to extend meaning, and conduct word work as needed. In the second part, The Skillful Teacher, Fountas, Pinnell, and the teachers examine how to plan and organize for guided reading lessons. They discuss how to meet the needs of individual readers in their groups and teach for effective reading strategies. You'll discover how to group children, select books, plan the book introduction, and support children in word solving, comprehending strategies, and reading with fluency. There are also helpful hints on finding time to take running records.
Category Differentiated Instruction
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Building Training Center
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