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Guided Reading: One Lesson, All Levels, Any Text
(1-4) Research demonstrates what skilled readers do, and every student needs the same strategies. This book offers 50 teacher-tested lessons created by reading specialists and shows you how to: teach one lesson to your whole class or small groups, and still differentiate scaffold support to struggling readers create flexible groups to meet your students` diverse needs Each core lesson includes an adaptable sample mini-lesson. Add texts at your students` instructional levels plus materials that you have on hand to create lessons that work for every child. Effective reading is all about the thinking, so you`ll find lessons on metacognitive strategies including: activating prior knowledge visualizing inference connecting to text Students practice applying strategies with text at their instructional levels, within their comfort zones--where every student learns best. The lessons in Guided Reading are ones your students will use with all their reading, throughout the day and across the curriculum. (1-4) 144 pp.
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