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How the Special Needs Brain Learns, Second Edition
Demonstrate how teachers can promote increased retention and cognitive flexibility for students with special needs!

Based on the second edition of David A. Sousa’s best-selling book How the Special Needs Brain Learns, this multimedia presentation offers staff developers the materials to help teachers improve learning outcomes for students with learning disabilities and other common challenges. Facilitators can present a framework for identifying, accommodating, and motivating learners with special needs and guide discussions on topics that include

Creating a positive emotional climate and using techniques to raise students' self-esteem
Meeting learners' needs through differentiation
Applying effective strategies to address specific learning difficulties in speech, reading, writing, and mathematics
Supporting students with attention, behavioral, or autism spectrum disorders
Fostering effective general/special education teacher collaboration

Featuring activities that promote independent learning for students with special needs, How the Special Needs Brain Learns: A Multimedia Kit for Professional Development provides

The companion book, How the Special Needs Brain Learns, Second Edition, a research-based approach for working with students with learning challenges
A 44-minute, content-rich VHS video that features David A. Sousa discussing the impact of current neuroscientific findings on instruction for students with special needs and teachers demonstrating what brain-based strategies look like in the classroom
A companion DVD with a navigation menu for easy stop-and-search control of the video content
A step-by-step facilitator's guide that connects the core content of the book to the video/DVD and includes segment prompts, workshop outlines, extended workshop activities, key points, and discussion questions

Use this invaluable all-in-one package to enhance your school or district's capacity to appropriately serve the needs of students with learning difficulties and help ensure their path to a successful future.
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