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Explore Math level 2 (2)
The Student Book profiles eight young adults who manage their routines and some unique situations by use of applied math. For example, Dionn works at a sports equipment company and needs to find phone numbers of coworkers, determine map distances, schedule business trips, and calculate expenses. Olivia needs to order seeds for her garden and to determine and measure the distances between rows. Then she schedules time to maintain her plants. Students solve these problems by completing 150 one- to two-page exercises. The exercises are organized by life skill domains: Home, Work, Community, Leisure. They’re designed to encourage student success by featuring realistic photos, clear drawings, and easy to read text.

The Teacher’s Manual organizes student exercises into 100 lessons, each with an objective, procedure, and materials section. Miniature versions of exercise pages with answer keys are provided.

1 Teacher manual and 8 student manuals.
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