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Early interventions in reading staff develpment guide Level 1
Early Interventions in Reading 2012, SRA

Prevent failure, promote literacy and promise success

Revised for 2012! Solid research is at the heart of SRA Early Interventions in Reading. Designed to work comfortably with your core reading program or for Tier II interventions, this early intervention program provides the significant increase in the intensity of instruction that low-level readers need to meet grade-level expectations. SRA Early Interventions in Reading helps you identify struggling readers in Grades K-3 and provide them with lessons that build mastery of essential skills through explicit, systematic instruction in five critical strands - phonemic awareness, letter-sound correspondences, word recognition and spelling, fluency, and comprehension.

NEW Features to Transform Struggling Readers into SKilled Readers!

Prevention level targeting phonemic awareness, print concepts, and decoding
Integrated technology to save you preparation time
Vocabulary and concept instruction for English and early language learners
Professional development videos modeling best instructional practices
Visuals to build background and conceptual understanding
SRA 2Inform makes collecting and interpreting student data easy so teachers can effectively respond to student needs.
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