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WISC IV-Spanish
A True Spanish Version of WISC-IV!
WISC®-IV Spanish is a comprehensive adaptation of WISC-IV, more than just a linguistic translation.

WISC-IV Spanish is ideal for use with Spanish-language dominant children ages 6 through 16 years who are gaining educational experience in the United States. Psychologists and other clinicians familiar with WISC-IV will easily adapt to the new WISC-IV Spanish. WISC-IV Spanish provides a true reflection of Spanish-speaking children in U.S. schools and provides an accurate representation of children in transition to becoming English-language speakers. Test items have been modified to minimize cultural bias across multiple regions of origin. While the test is given in Spanish, children earn credit for answers in either Spanish or English.

The WISC®–IV Spanish allows you to reliably assess the intellectual ability of Spanish-speaking children and adolescents. WISC–IV Spanish is both a translation and adaptation of the WISC–IV, the most widely used intelligence measure for children in the U.S. This individually administered battery provides a comprehensive measure of intellectual ability of Spanish language-dominant children ages 6 through 16 years.
When to Use WISC-IV Spanish

Child is Spanish–language dominant
Child is in his/her first five years in the U.S. education system
Child is referred for neurocognitive evaluation
Child needs evaluation for educational diagnosis and services
You want to know how child compares to U.S. classmates
You want to know how child compares to other Spanish-language dominant children with similar backgrounds

Features & Benefits

Consists of the same 10 core subtests as WISC–IV, plus 4 of the 5 supplemental subtests (excludes Word Reasoning); comparable administration time
Tests the same constructs as WISC–IV: Verbal Comprehension, Perceptual Reasoning, Working Memory, Processing Speed, and Full Scale IQ
Scores calibrated to WISC–IV norms
Test items with colorful, engaging artwork are appropriate for all Hispanic cultures


Reflects the sound psychometric properties of a Wechsler® instrument
WISC–IV items modified to minimize cultural bias across multiple countries of origin
Children are tested in Spanish, but compared to all U.S. children the same age
Supplemental demographic tables allow additional interpretation compared to all Hispanic children and subgroups of the Hispanic population
School districts can maintain consistency by using the WISC–IV tests across both English- and Spanish-speaking students

A Valid, Reliable Measure of Intellectual Ability in Spanish-speaking Children and Adolescents

Normative sample is representative of the U.S. Spanish-speaking population from many regions of origin

Sample Included Spanish-speaking Children from Many Regions of Origin

Central America
Puerto Rico
Dominican Republic
South America

Easy to administer and score, the WISC–IV Spanish is appropriate for evaluating:

Spanish-speaking, Limited English Proficient (LEP), and other bilingual students for educational diagnosis and services and neurocognitive evaluation
Spanish-speaking individuals who have immigrated to the U.S.

Exceptional Clinical Utility

Administration and scoring consistent with WISC-IV
Instructions for subtest administration and scoring included in stimulus books to improve examiner workflow
Results accurately represent Spanishspeaking children in U.S. schools
Items adapted to accommodate variations of the Spanish language
For use by Spanish-speaking examiners and English-speaking examiners with a trained Spanish-speaking associate
Scoring rules revised as necessary for accuracy across variants of the Spanish language
Scoring Assistant® software available for easy scoring
Training video provides step-by-step administration and scoring instructions
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